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Business strategy / Branding / Design / Communications / Social media / Performance marketing / SEO / Web design / eCommerce / Technology / Data & analytics

The perfect balance, just right.

Passionate digital natives based in Zurich, Switzerland with amazing clients from all industries around this small little globe.
We work as an extension of your team. Our goal is to help you assess & understand your marketing objectives and then enable you to achieve them.
What is Lagom? A Swedish term that means the perfect balance when something is just right. The Irish guy added the “+”.

business strategy


Optimise your sales funnel by streamlining your marketing initiatives to deliver the growth you have defined.

The perfect digital balance


Branding & communications


More than a logo. A true depiction of your brand identity through authentic storytelling and a truly engaging visual language.

Online advertising


Always on. Precise targeting of your next customer with smart campaigns and engaging content in the platform where they play.

Digital Marketing


Converting your digital machinery to a finely tuned & high performance engine, producing results every day.

Web design


A hard working website is central to your marketing ambitions. Beautiful design, engaging content built on a tech stack that’s lightening fast.

An extension of your team

––––––– Achieving success through a clear vision, velocity and many incremental experiments.

Our starting point is to help
you identify opportunities and form hypothesis, that will grow your business online. Together with our clients we break down our hypothesis
into actionable tasks.

From here we build out and test our ideas to get real data behind our decisions. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are wrong. If you quickly react and tweak your test it doesn’t matter. Having a transparent and open process is the important thing.

History teaches us that man learns nothing from history…but a significant amount from A/B testing.

Our approach

Get in


Innovative, fast and work as an extension to our team, Lagom+ challenge us to be bolder and never fail to deliver.
Ellen Broström, Zürich
INDICAL Bioscience

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Dreikönigstrasse 7
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+41 79 171 90 99