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Is your digital business in balance?

We are a collective of passionate marketing strategists, ideators, designers and content creators with extensive experience from different industries and businesses. We love to mix different personalities and competencies to solve our client’s challenges.

Having spent our careers in marketing departments and agencies for +20 years, we’ve experienced from the inside how businesses suffer when there is a lack of balance in marketing and sales efforts.

“Lagom” is a Swedish word that means the ”right amount/perfect balance”. Taking a holistic approach, our belief is that all parts of a marketing department must function to deliver true business value – the technology, the communication, and the business focus.

Getting results. Faster.

With a heritage in software development we take an agile approach to our work process. We call this a process Growth Driven Design. Fancy words, we know but the idea is pretty basic – break down big project into actionable tasks and goals, and don’t aim for perfection instantly. Instead we emphasize project speed and quickly build out a ”launch pad”, which we iterate on a regular basis to improve our metrics in a systematic way.

This approach saves alot of time and gives you a true feedback loop so you can learn and become better.

But remember its only a process, still need great people in place to make it real.

Our belifs

  • Speed beats perfection every time
  • We make decisions based on data, but without a clear vision you are lost anyway.
  • A great strategy can never compensate for the lack of great people
  • Ideas are important but worth nothing without strong execution

The founders

Lagom+ was founded in 2021 by Richard Ormond and Erik Emanuelsson. A happy marriage between Irish humor, Swedish creativity and Swiss precision.

About Richard
With a  background in technology, Richard spent the last 20 years of his career in communication as a developer and project manager. For the last 10 years, Richard worked as a CMO heading up more than 50 markets.

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About Erik
Erik has a background in business and digital marketing and is passionate about ideas that generate growth. Worked as a CMO for more than 10 years helping international companies grow their online sales.

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I put my heart and soul into my work, and lost my mind in the process

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Zürich 8002
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