For over 20 years, Comparis has been a prominent household brand in Switzerland, providing comprehensive comparison services for insurances, mortgages, and utility bills. Each year, Comparis assists people in saving millions of Swiss francs by enabling more informed decisions, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming research by consumers. 


  • Strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Communication
  • Email marketing
  • Concept & ideation

Personalised communication through the customer journey

While Comparis has established a strong brand presence among the 50+ age demographic, it struggles to resonate with younger audiences, who often rely more on friends’ recommendations than standardized services. The challenge was twofold: how can Comparis attract users across all age groups and encourage them to visit the platform more frequently?


Fill the gaps

Our strategy centred on helping Comparis optimise the existing traffic and search activity on their website. We identified that the platform lacked an effective personalization capability and strategy. With today’s online visitors expecting tailored experiences across all relevant channels, our approach focused on ensuring our communication was both relevant and helpful. We emphasised being channel-agnostic, delivering the right message at the right time through the appropriate channels.

Additionally, we guided Comparis in emphasising the emotional aspect of communication, moving beyond mere financial savings to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Succes Defined

Customer first

By implementing our lead generation strategy and enhancing personalization tools, we provided the Comparis marketing and tech teams with a detailed roadmap to improve the user experience and better serve their visitors’ needs. Introduced a more customer centric thinking and giving fresh ideas to the marketing team.

“Lagom+ helped us challenge old 'truths'”

Beate Brockmeier, Growth Manager

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