Elevo Learning

How do you take a wildly successful startup and give them the  tools & resources to match their marketing to  their phenomenal  company success? 



  • Strategy
  • Company Rename
  • Full Rebranding
  • Web Design
  • Photo Shoot
  • Merchandise
  • Campaigns

Looking for the Gaps 

Elevo Learning (formally Sports for Learning) is a young company who provide a full range of in-person and online programs that specialise in Social & Emotional Learning for school students throughout California. 

Through hard work, opportunity and a stellar team — who work closely with their clients — they had  grown significantly since 2019. However, their marketing initiatives were lacking and their key channels had fallen behind. Bringing their website, core sales materials and email marketing up to speed was our first priority.

During this Digital Acceleration phase, we challenged that the brand of Sports for Learning, and indeed its name, had unraveled and was no longer fit for purpose. From this point we worked collectively to form a strategy, and accompanying identity, that truly reflected the work and aims of the business and it’s people.


A New Team Kit

We started at the beginning  — with a brand new vision, values and mission. But crucially we needed a name that was as fresh as their approach to education was.

From fresh we looked to foundational —  namely Latin. The quintessential language that epitomizes learning and education and found Elevo (verb ‘elevate, raise, lift up’)

But also, as we uncovered during our workshops that our co-founder, Nick Telford’s father was actually a Latin teacher in Ireland!

From there, the new tagline built on their values  — clear, honest and humble, it  encapsulates  their mission of providing students with a fun and healthy pathway to education and life learning. 


Time for Kick-Off

With the parameters in place we needed to roll out our strategy. This went from offline marketing materials to coach uniforms to social media and everything in between.

A crucial part of our work was our photoshoot — shot by Adam Falk on location in a school in California, we created strong and recognisable visual collateral, to work across every media.

Coupled with the work of the digital team, we were able to create an online and offline toolkit to empower the Elevo team to create impactful communication with style and ease.

Finally, we produced the Elevo Brand Book to cap off a mommentous effort from all the team. An invaluable resource for onboarding, marketing and the entire company.


“From day one, we knew we were in safe, competent hands”

Emma Tudor, VP Operations


Time for Kick-Off

Next we needed to execute the brand in a meaningful way and ensure brand consitency across all mediums. Building on the success of the comapny rebrand we set out to create a unified design system.

The objectives were celear from the start:

  • Maintain the brand identity across all touch-points.
  • Designs components that Elevo staff or external partners, can execute instantly, e.g. social posts & ads, landing pages, slide decks, newsletters, etc.
  • Significantly increase the speed of all marketing efforts.



organic traffic


conversion rate
(CvR) uplift


Sales leads

The result was an extensive UI kit of components and modules that are immediately available to all staff that had been meticulously crafted down to the finest detail.

Through extensive research, adopting best practices and peer reviews Elevo now has a comprehensive design protocol for colours, typography, grids, media assets, icons, menus, forms, and much much more.

The Elevo
Digital Library

— Web components
— Landing pages
— Icons
— Newsletters
— Sales Presentations 
— Social media templates
— Booklets / Flyers


The Best Partnerships Last

We’re still working with Elevo to further develop the brand, launch innovative marketing campaigns and be their strategic partner for digital.

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