Indical Bioscience

How do you help a newly divested science company to deliver on it’s ambitious aim — to be recognized as an industry-leading veterinary diagnostics provider? 


  • Strategy & planning
  • Web design / dev
  • MarTech Platform
  • Data & Reporting
  • Online ads
  • e-Commerce UX

Looking for the Gaps 

Indical Bioscience is a provider of diagnostic workflows and associated protocols in the field of animal health.

Since the divestment from med-tech giant Qiagen in 2018, Indical has been on a journey to challenge the industry norms by being more customer centric, building smarter innovations and delivering bigger customer value.

To deliver on this, Indical had taken many internal steps in sales but the external brand, website and customer interaction flow was lagging behind. Efforts to catch up but were mostly treated as isolated projects and with no guiding roadmap or vision. The marketing department was acting more as a reactionary sales support team than a proactive business generator.

Indical had already identified their website as “weak spot” but there was little understanding about how or why the visitors were frustrated. It was clear to us, as outsiders, that the Indical had many issues that our team could assist on.


Understanding The Customer & Technology

To start, a baseline customer was created by building a comprehensive data studio with a detailed insights dashboard. Then we launched a live web chat to get a more qualititative understanding of the visitor’s intents. This gave us valuable insights that fed directly into the design and content build of the new website.

From a technology perspective, we quickly uncovered that the internal skills and resources to efficiently operate a relatively complicated platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, simply weren’t in place. By aiding them to make the logical switch to Hubspot Marketing Pro Hub, we could not only see an immediate effciency impact, but also give them back time, to focus their attention on creating campaigns, following up data and handing over more actual leads to the sales department.


Time For A Makeover 

The final step of the transition phase  was to re-design and build a new web presence. We wanted Indical to reflect their products innovation, company professionalism yet stand out from the “safe” industry norm. Leveraging on Indical’s strong colour palette, high quality photography and our newly drawn user insights we suggested a website design and layout that would better reflect Indical’s new ambition and brand personality. 

The result was a unique website in the industry, free of clutter and options with a strong visual identity that would allow Indical to transmit their core values of innovation and customer focus. The website was built with Wordpress CMS and Elementor Pro that is cost-efficient and easy to maintain and scalable for the future.


“Lagom+ challenge us to be bolder and never fail to deliver”

Ellen Broström, CMO 

Smartlab subscription

A Better Fit For Purpose?

6 months later, we were thrilled to see that the switch from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to HubSpot Marketing Pro has also helped the marketing team at Indical to increase their campaign frequency with more than 100% by freeing up a lot of time.



organic traffic


conversion rate
(CvR) uplift


Sales leads

The Best Partnerships Last

Our success with helping the Indical Bioscience brand has resulted in a mature and high performance marketing department, whilst supporting them to evolve and grow the sub-brands of their continual acquisitions

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