Movora Group

Movora, a leading global supplier of veterinary orthopedic implants, power equipment, and instruments, caters to veterinarians and veterinary surgeons worldwide. Established in 2020 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Movora comprises a diverse collection of specialised companies, all operating under the Movora brand. 


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  • CRM
  • MarTech Platform

Building a future-proof marketing tech stack and digital framework

Focused on expansion, Movora rapidly acquired six companies within a year, each with distinct marketing technologies, methods of operation, and internal expertise. To accommodate this growth, Movora sought advice on constructing a future-proof marketing stack that could consolidate and streamline marketing efforts across all acquired companies.


Deep dive, think big

To gain a thorough understanding of Movora’s needs and aspirations, we conducted interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, including the CEO, sales, and marketing personnel. These initial discussions revealed that most companies lacked a robust CRM to support their marketing endeavors, and there were significant disparities in marketing expertise and system maturity among the individual entities. 

Consequently, we determined that Movora required not only a comprehensive CRM solution, but also a unified marketing framework and philosophy applicable to all companies.



Succes Defined

A unified plan for growth

After an extensive period of research, interviews, and business case studies, we delivered an actionable report and strategy outlining our recommendations for Movora to develop a scalable and user-friendly solution. Taking all factors into consideration, we suggested implementing Hubspot as the central marketing hub for all companies. This turnkey solution would not only integrate seamlessly with existing systems, but also provide a cohesive marketing framework for the entire group.

“Lagom+ did a tremendous job building the foundation of our future marketing organisation”

Guy Spoerri, CEO

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